All trainers of trainings of the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Traiing Program have to be FS Experts (TÜV Rheinland) in the acc. specified application area.

The new FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland) certificate indicates, if the holder is a trainer.

At the time being the following training topics are offered:


1. Safety Instrumented Systems
2. HW/SW Design acc. to IEC 61508
3. Functional Safety of Machinery
4. Automotive - System Design acc. to  ISO 26262
5. Process Hazard and Risk Analysis

Trainers can only offer and hold trainings under the roof of the TÜV Rheinland FS Training Program, if acc. training and exam material has been approved of by TÜV Rheinland.
Thus their company or the company they work for has to be an accepted course provider by TÜV Rheinland.


Interested persons who wish to become a FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland), also in order to be an accepted trainer of the TÜV Rheinland FS Program, have to:

- have a minimum of 10 years of working experience in the field of funcitonal safety and the according application area.

- have a University degree or Equivalent engineer level (responsibilities status certified by employer) in a technical area.

Applicants shall submit documents, which substantiate their experience and competencies. These documents will be assessed acc. to the necessary requirements.

In case of a positive assessment, the applicant will obtain a FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland) certificate.

The certificate confirms his specific knowledge and his competencies. (Costs for review and assessment of FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland) documents and material are EURO 5.000).

Furthermore he is an acknowledged trainer within the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Training Program and can perform trainings/courses according to his special field.

List of all Trainers

96Yunxi ZhangChinaHW/SWTÜV Rheinland China
95Bin ZhaoChinaHW/SWTÜV Rheinland China
94Katsumi HondaJapanAutomotive + Safety ManagerTÜV Rheinland Japan
93Masashi WadaJapanHW/SWTÜV Rheinland Japan
92Joachim IdenJapanHW/SW, MachineryTÜV Rheinland Japan
91Heike SimonsmeierGermanyPH & RATÜV Rheinland
90Dr. Franz Josef BockGermanyPH & RATÜV Rheinland
89Stefan GoiGermanyAutomotive + Safety ManagerTÜV Rheinland
88Dr. Thorsten GantevoortGermanyMachineryTÜV Rheinland
87Dr. Peter RobbenGermanyMachineryTÜV Rheinland
86Karsten RotzollGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
85Matthias HaynlGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
83Thomas SteffensGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
82Heinz GallGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
81Joerg KrämerGermanyHW/SW, AutomotiveTÜV Rheinland
80284 / 17Maarten BraadbaartNetherlandsMachinerySICK B.V.
79282 / 17Chris SorannoUSAMachinerySICK Inc.
78281 / 17Mark NehrkornUSAMachinerySICK Inc.
77279 / 17Suresh SugavanamUnited KingdomS I SABB Ltd.
76277 / 17David GreenUnited KingdomS I SESC Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd.
75275 / 16Fred StayGermanyS I SHIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH
74269 / 16Simon BurwoodUnited KingdomS I SESC Engineering Safety Consultants
73266 / 16Hamid JahanianAustraliaS I SSiemens Pte. Ltd.
72264 / 16Udo BleckmannGermanyMachinerySICK AG
71263 / 16Otto GörnemannGermanyMachinerySICK AG
70259 / 15Andrew LidstoneUnited KingdomPH & RARiskTec Solutions Ltd.
69258 / 15Ron BellUnited KingdomS I SEngineering Safety Consultants Ltd.
68257 / 15Eugen KullGermanyS I S, HW/SWHIMA Paul Hildbrandt GmbH
67255 / 15Rolf SchumacherGermanyMachinerySick AG
66254 / 15Jose Angel Camacho UrdanetaUSAS I SSIS-Tech
65248 / 15Peter KroonAustraliaS I SHIMA Australia Pty Ltd
64247 / 15Bart JessenNetherlandsS I SHoneywell
63244 / 15John Michael RiddickCanadaPH & RARisktec Solutions Canada
62238 / 14Graham BeardUnited KingdomPH & RARisktec Solutions
61236 / 14Jack MrossAustraliaMachineryPepsiCo Australia & New Zealand
60235 / 14John WalkingtonUnited KingdomS I SABB Technologa Group
59234 / 14Michael KingsleyUSAMachineryRockwell Automation
58232 / 14Makarand MedhiIndiaS I SHoneywell Automation India Ltd.
57229 / 14Michael A. StaszelUSAAutomotiveKugler Maag CIE North America, Inc.
56221 / 14Victor Machiavelo SalinasMexicoPH & RARisk Software S.A. de C.V.
55215 / 13Paul van DykAustraliaS I SPantac Control Pty. Ltd.
54214 / 13Eric HoppUSAMachineryRockwell Automation
53209 / 13Detlef GrundkeGermanyMachineryRockwell Automation GmbH
52208 / 13Brian J. MaherIrelandMachineryRockwell Automation
51206 / 13David Main-ReadeUnited KingdomMachineryRockwell Automation
50205 / 13William E. WaltzUSAMachineryRockwell Automation
49203 / 13Wayne Christopher PearseAustraliaMachineryRockwell Automation
48202 / 13Jeffrey J. SimonUSAHW / SWRockwell Automation
47200 / 13Simon ClarkeUnited KingdomS I S, PH&RAC & C Technical Support Services
46194 / 12Christopher RogersUnited KingdomS I SInvensys Systems (UK) Ltd
45193 / 12John CampbellU S AS I SSIS-Tech Solutions, Inc.
44191 / 12Keith John KirkcaldyUnited KingdomS I SRockwell Automation
43190 / 12Farshad HendiU S AS I S, FSMInvensys Operations Management
42187 / 12Jonathan B. JohnsonU S AMachineryRockwell Automation
41186 / 12Wayne L SolbergU S AMachineryRockwell Automation
40185 / 12Peter LöwGermanyAutomotiveKugler Maag CIE GmbH
39183 / 12Miroslaw Jan GenerowiczAustraliaS I S, FSMI&E Systems Pty Ltd
38181 / 12Roland PabstGermanyAutomotiveKUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH
37180 / 11William H. HearnUSAS I SSIS-Tech Solutions, Inc.
36179 / 11Dr. Angela SummersUSAS I SSIS-Tech Solutions, Inc.
35176 / 11Joseph P. IzzoUSAHW / SWRockwell Automation
34168 / 11Guillermo PacaninsCanadaS I S, PH&RAACM Automation Inc.
33167 / 11Erwin PetryGermanyAutomotiveKUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH
32165 / 11Lawrence BlackmoreUnited KingdomS I SGulfstream Engineering Ltd.
31163 / 11Guillermo LeanzaArgentinaS I SABB SA
30161 / 11Henrik SkovsgaardDenmarkS I SABB A/S
29160 / 10Alan George KingUnited KingdomS I SABB Engineerin Services Ltd.
28158 / 10Jin-Hyung ParkKoreaS I SYokogawa Electric Korea
27154 / 10Marcus PunchAustraliaMachineryMarcus Punch Pty. Ltd.
26153 / 10S. VinodIndiaS I S, FSMYokogawa
25151 / 10Andy YamAustraliaS I SYokogawa
24148 / 10Jamshaid MirzaUnited Arab EmiratesS I S, PH&RAHendsa Middle East FZCO
23146 / 10Ton BeemsNetherlandsS I S, FSMYokogawa Europe B.V.
22145 / 09Colin EastonUnited KingdomS I S, PH&RAProSalus Ltd.
21144 / 09Arjen de KoningMalaysiaS I S, FSMYokogawa Industrial Safety System Sdn. Bhd.
20141 / 09Victor Machiavelo SalinasMexicoS I SRisk Software S.A. de C.V.
19140 / 08Prasad GotetiUSAS I SHoneywell
17138 / 08Rajiv KurupIndiaS I SHoneywell Automation India Ltd.
16137 / 08Carlo TarantolaItalyS I SCTAI S.r.l.
15136 / 08Arian SlagtThe NetherlandsS I S, FSMYokogawa System Center Europe B.V.
14135 / 08Jeff BeijkThe NetherlandsS I S, FSMYokogawa System Center Europe B.V.
13127 / 07Ken BinghamCanadaS I SACM Automation Inc.
12124 / 07Clive TimmsUnited KingdomS I SC & C Technical Support Services
11123 / 07Stephen LindsayUnited KingdomS I SHoneywell IAC
10122 / 07Jianguo ZhangChinaS I SHoneywell Safety Management Systems
9120 / 07Humberto DefferrariArgentinaS I SHONEYWELL SAIC
8119 / 06James H. HalleUSAS I SHoneywell Process Solutions
7117 / 06Dr. Issam MukhtarAustraliaS I SPCS Premier Consulting Services
6114 / 06Glenn A. RaneyUSAS I SGAR Consulting - Functional Safety Engineering
4112 / 06Robert WeissAustraliaS I SIICA Australia
3111 / 06Malcolm HarrisonCanadaS I SACM Automation Inc.
2109 / 05Tino Vande CapelleGermanyS I STVC
1108 / 05Dr. Bert KnegteringNetherlandsS I SHoneywell Safety Management Systems