All trainers of trainings of the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Traiing Program have to be FS Experts (TÜV Rheinland) in the acc. specified application area.

The new FS Expert (TÜV Rheinland) certificate indicates, if the holder is a trainer.

At the time being the following training topics are offered:

1. Safety Instrumented Systems
2. HW/SW Design acc. to IEC 61508
3. Functional Safety of Machinery
4. Automotive - System Design acc. to  ISO 26262
5. Process Hazard and Risk Analysis

Trainers can only offer and hold trainings under the roof of the TÜV Rheinland FS Training Program, if acc. training and exam material has been approved of by TÜV Rheinland.
Thus their company or the company they work for has to be an accepted course provider by TÜV Rheinland.


Interested persons who wish to hold trainings within the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Training Program should contact TÜV Rheinland.

Please contact by email: Ms. Veronica Gras.

List of all Trainers

85BinZhaoChinaHW/SWTÜV Rheinland China
84JianguoZhangChina122 / 07S I SHoneywell Safety Management Systems
83YunxiZhangChinaHW/SWTÜV Rheinland China
82LiYu-mingChina182 / 12S I SQingdao Reserach Institute of Safety Engineering Sinopec Corp
81RobertWeissAustralia112 / 06S I SIICA Australia
80William E.WaltzUSA205 / 13MachineryRockwell Automation
79JohnWalkingtonUnited Kingdom235 / 14S I SABB Technologa Group
78MasashiWadaJapanHW/SWTÜV Rheinland Japan
77S.VinodIndia153 / 10S I SYokogawa India Ltd.
76Robvan der HarstNetherlandsSISYokogawa Europe Solutions B.V.
75TinoVande CapelleUAE109 / 05S I STVC
74Jose Angel CamachoUrdanetaU S A254 / 15S I SSIS-Tech Solutions Inc.
73CliveTimmsUnited Kingdom124 / 07S I SC & C Technical Support Services
72CarloTarantolaItaly137 / 08S I SCTAI S.r.l.
71Dr. AngelaSummersUSA179 / 11S I SSIS-Tech Solutions Inc.
70SureshSugavanamUnited Kingdom279 / 17S I SABB Ltd.
69ThomasSteffensGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
68FredStayGermany275 / 16S I SHIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH
67Michael A.StaszelUSA229 / 14AutomotiveKugler Maag CIE North America Inc.
66ArianSlagtThe Netherlands136 / 08S I SYokogawa System Center Europe B.V.
65HenrikSkovsgaardDenmark161 / 11S I SABB A/S
64Jeffrey J.SimonUSA202 / 13HW /SWRockwell Automation
63George KarlSchusterUSA178 / 11MachineryRockwell Automation
62Victor MachiaveloSalinasMexico141 / 09S I S, PH&RARisk Software S.A. de C.V.
61KarstenRotzollGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
60ChristopherRogersUnited Kingdom194 / 12S I SInvensys Systems (UK) Ltd
59Dr. PeterRobbenGermanyMachineryTÜV Rheinland
58MarcusPunchAustralia154 / 10MachineryMarcus Punch Pty. Ltd.
57Alfred PhilipPhilpottAustralia217 / 13S I SPlexal Group
56ErwinPetryGermany167 / 11AutomotiveKUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH
55Jin-HyungParkKorea158 / 10S I SYokogawa Electric Korea
54Sujith BhaskaraPanikkarSingapore170 / 11S I S, FSMHIMA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
53WaldemarPakosPoland270 / 16S I SABB Sp. Z o. o.
52GuillermoPacaninsCanada168 / 11S I S, PH & RAACM Automation Inc.
51RolandPabstGermany181 / 12AutomotiveKUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH
50Dr. IssamMukhtarAustralia117 / 06S I SPCS Premier Consulting Services
49KamranMojtehediUSA268 / 16S I SMangan Inc.
48JamshaidMirzaUnited Arab Emirates148 / 10S I S, PH & RAHendsa Middle East FZCO
47MakarandMedhiIndia232 / 14S I SHoneywell Automation India Ltd.
46ElenaMauroNetherlands290 / 17S I SYokogawa Europe B.V.
45DavidMain-ReadeUnited Kingdom206 / 13MachineryRockwell Automation
44Brian J.MaherIreland208 / 13MachineryRockwell Automation
43Dr. BashierMachmurGermany271 / 16S I SABB Automation GmbH
42PaulLucasUnited Kingdom285 / 17S I SABB Ltd.
41PeterLöwGermany185 / 12AutomotiveKugler Maag CIE GmbH
40StephenLindsayUnited Kingdom123 / 07S I SHoneywell IAC
39AndrewLidstoneUnited Kingdom259 / 15PH & RARiskTec Solutions Ltd.
38GuillermoLeanzaArgentina163 / 11S I SHoneywell
37PeterLangelGermany295 / 17HW/SW, MachinerySCS Management
36RajivKurupIndia138 / 08S I SHoneywell Automation India Ltd.
35EugenKullGermany257 / 15S I S, HW/SWHIMA Paul Hildbrandt GmbH
34PeterKroonAustralia248 / 15S I SHIMA Australia Pty Ltd
33JoergKrämerGermanyHW/SW, AutomotiveTÜV Rheinland
32Dr. BertKnegteringNetherlands108 / 05S I SHoneywell Safety Management Systems
31MichaelKingsleyUSA234 / 14MachineryRockwell Automation
30Jonathan B.JohnsonU S A187 / 12MachineryRockwell Automation
29BartJessenNetherlands247 / 15S I SHoneywell
28HamidJahanianAustralia266 / 16S I SSiemens Pte. Ltd.
27Joseph P.IzzoUSA176 / 11HW /SWRockwell Automation
26JoachimIdenJapanHW/SW, MachineryTÜV Rheinland Japan
25TinaHullUSA294 / 17MachineryOmron Electronics LLC
24EricHoppUSA214 / 13MachineryRockwell Automation
23KatsumiHondaJapanAutomotive + Safety ManagerTÜV Rheinland Japan
22FarshadHendiU S A190 / 12S I SSchneider Electric
21William H.HearnUSA180 / 11S I SSIS-Tech Solutions Inc.
20MatthiasHaynlGermanyHW/SWTÜV Rheinland
19MalcolmHarrisonCanada111 / 06S I SACM Automation Inc.
18James H.HalleUSA119 / 06S I SHoneywell Process Solutions
17DavidGreenUnited Kingdom277 / 17S I SESC Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd.
16PrasadGotetiUSA140 / 08S I SHoneywell
15StefanGoiGermanyAutomotive + Safety ManagerTÜV Rheinland
14Miroslaw JanGenerowiczAustralia183 / 12S I SI&E Systems Pty Ltd
13Dr. ThorstenGantevoortGermanyMachineryTÜV Rheinland
12ColinEastonUnited Kingdom145 / 09S I S, PH&RAProSalus Ltd.
11ChristofDörgeGermany207 / 13MachineryRockwell Automation GmbH
10Arjende KoningMalaysia144 / 09S I SYokogawa Industrial Safety System Sdn. Bhd.
9Andy Yam KaitChoongAustralia151 / 10S I SYokogawa Australia Pty. Ltd.
8JohnCampbellU S A193 / 12S I SSIS-Tech Solutions Inc.
7SimonBurwoodUnited Kingdom269 / 16S I S, PH&RAESC Engineering Safety Consultants
6LawrenceBlackmoreUnited Kingdom165 / 11S I SGulfstream Engineering Ltd.
5KenBinghamCanada127 / 07S I SACM Automation Inc.
4RonBellUnited Kingdom258 / 15S I SEngineering Safety Consultants Ltd.
3JeffBeijkThe Netherlands135 / 08S I SYokogawa System Center Europe B.V.
2TonBeemsNetherlands146 / 10S I SYokogawa Europe B.V.
1GrahamBeardUnited Kingdom238 / 14PH & RARisktec Solutions