FSM Mark

Due to increasing misuse and violation of the TÜV Rheinland trade, test and other marks, new and stricter rules have been issued by the Executive Board of TÜV Rheinland regarding use and corporate design of the TÜV Rheinland trade mark and TÜV Rheinland test marks.

From January 2013 on these rules do not allow the use of the TÜV FSM mark in its existing form.

Thus all FSM certified companies are kindly requested not to use the ‘FSM Mark’ any longer and remove it from all possible documents where it might have been applied to.

As an alternative, the following wording - as shown on the FSM certificate - may be applied:


FS Management (TÜV Rheinland)
IEC 61511:2003 SIS Integrator (Phase 4)
FSM 1xx

The above wording may ONLY be applied to marketing related material as well as technical documentation of the certified company.

It is explicitly not allowed to apply this wording in an ambiguous context like for example implying system or product certification by TÜV Rheinland.

FSM Certificate

Furthermore the TÜV Rheinland corporate design changes have an impact to the layout and design of the Functional Safety Management certificates.

FSM certificates with new layout and design will be issued as soon as their actuality and certification status requires this. Audited companies will be informed accordingly, as soon as new/updated certificates will be issued. The change of design and layout does not have an impact on the validity or meaning of existing FSM certificates.

Due to various feedbacks the FSM Certification Body of TÜV Rheinland has reacted upon requests from end users, who required to define the FSM certificate text more precisely, in order to avoid misinterpretations.


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