The standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 define the requirements for the Management of Functional Safety, the Functional Safety Assessment as well as the documentation of these procedures.

Project managers and engineers have the obligation and responsibility to keep to the standard's requirements regarding the management of Functional Safety for all phases of the safety life cycle.

Thus organizational and fault avoiding measures have to be verified and validated repeatedly during the development as well as for the application of safety-related components and systems. Special methods and organizational procedures are necessary which have to be fulfilled while considering economical aspects and schedules. It is reasonable and effective to integrate and certify the methods of a Functional Safety Management System not only to single safety projects but to the complete company and its organizational structures.


Objective is to define all necessary technical activities during the life-cycle phases of a safety-related product or process in order to achieve the required safety levels.

Furthermore the responsibilities of employees, departments and organizations, involved and responsible for each life cycle phase or for activities within single phases, are specified.

The management of functional safety structures and defines organizational measures to effectively apply technical requirements. It is only intended to achieve and maintain the functional safety of safety-related products and systems.


The course of the complete FSM certification procedure is depicted here:


The integration and certification of a FSM system offers the following advantages:

  • The safety management system is applied to the company meaning that competencies are not assigned to single persons but to the respective departments
  • The certification can specifically be performed for relevant phases of the safety life cycle. For example phase 9 would apply to system manufacturers and phases 1 to 8 as well as 12 to 15 of the overall safety life cycle for plant manufacturers (system application).
  • The information flow to interfaces of relating phases for example system assembly and system application is also considered in detail during the certification process. This assures, that the product documention shows all relevant information, which is necessary for a standard compliant application.
  • Because procedures are validated and certified new developments as well as applications of safety-related products and systems in plants can be configurated more effectively.
  • A certified Functional Safety Management System proves that a continuous standard compliant product development or application planning has been performed. This is a unique selling proposition towards competitors.


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