Grid Automation

Throughout Europe power networks are facing new challenges.

Energy is no longer supplied by conventional power stations alone. Demand of renewable energy, such as wind power and solar power as well as other energy systems, has increased in order to supply a high level of reliability and quality of electricity. But different energy sources are highly variable: Daily and seasonal effects and limited predictability result in intermittent generation. The challenge is to guarantee and control high-performance and reliable operation of distributed resources within electric power systems.

Grid Communication

TÜV Rheinland supports you in complying with the international standard IEC 61850 for power utility automation. This guarantees the reliable function and interoperability of intelligent electronic devices in future energy supply.

In order to support device and software developers and IED manufacturers in complying with the IEC 61850 standard, TÜV Rheinland offers extensive certification and testing services. We provide a wide range of services making IEDs and substations suitable for the challenges of the new smart grid technology of this century.

TÜV Rheinland's test laboratory is accredited by UCA


TÜV Rheinland is accredited as independent test laboratory for tests according to IEC 61850.

The UCA® International Users Group confirms that TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH, Cologne, Germany, is authorized to perform IEC 61850 conformance tests acc. to the Users Group Quality Assurance Testing Program Procedures.

The Challenge "Intelligent Energy Networks"


For years, intelligent electronic devices (IED) have been in use for the management and control of distribution and power generation systems. The IEC 61580 standard for IEDs has become increasingly important, as conformance with this standard ensures smooth and reliable function and interoperability of these devices.

IEC 61850 (Communication Networks and Systems in Substations) describes the communication protocol and data model structure used between substation intelligent devices.

Given the growing international acceptance of this standard, owners and operators of power stations and distribution systems require IED compliance with IEC 61850, thereby motivating manufacturers to produce devices accordingly.

Our Services for the IEC 61850 standard include:

- Consulting services for the implementation of the IEC 61850 standard,

- Conformance testing acc. to IEC 61850 (Ed. 1 and Ed. 2),

- Interoperability testing,

- Consistent development of our laboratory equipment implementing high-end IEDs and test devices for the simulation of substation communication and events (Substation / Power Station).

- Customer-specific workshops and trainings.

Grid Integration

The increasing number of smaller power generation units places high requirements to the power grid. One of the major challenges is the transfer from a unidirectional to a bi-directional power grid. In order to assure a strong and stable grid, manufacturers of energy generation units must face and fulfil the requirements of national and international guidelines.

These requirements demand:

•    Maintaining the upper limit of  harmonic components and flicker,
•    Provision of reactive power
•    Active power output
•    Simulations of Fault Ride Through (FRT) and reaction in case of disturbances of the grid
•    power generating unit certificates (Einheitenzertifikat, Anlagenzertifikat)
•    Modelling and calculations at the grid connection point of power generating unit
•    Simulation of  grid behavior
•    Stability and performance of energy grids.

Our range of services:

• Measuring of Prototypes
„Prototype Testing“ measuring of power generators according to national and international Grid Codes (e.g. FGW TR3, BDEW, NS, IEC 61400)

• Certification of prototypes

According to FGW TR8

• Modeling
Modeling according to FGW TR4 by common tools (DigSilent Powerfactory, Matlab)

• Grid Studies
Grid analysis at the grid connection point and behavior of power generating units
Grid simulation and analysis by means of TR4 models or manufacturer’s models

• Expert Service
Consulting in the area of grid connection evaluation (rating, assessment) of energy network  and energy projects.


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