Process Industry


The safety of plants in the process industry, like for example chemical plants, refineries, oil- and gas production plants etc. is increasingly being realised by complex safety systems. Requirements of these electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems (E/E/PES) are described in the internationally acknowledged standard IEC/EN 61508, part 1-7.

The application standard EN 61511 and VDI/VDE 2180 - derived from the IEC/EN 61508 - defines the requirements regarding the application and implementation of these safety-related systems (Safety Instrumented Systems - SIS) in the process industry. They describe in detail die requiremens of Functional Safety in process technical plants starting from the first concept, then design, installation, operation and maintenance to decommissioning.

If you are a designer, developer or user of safety-related systems - our Functional Safety experts can support you when you need to consider and give proof or evidence of Functional Safety within this system.

Our Services

  • Moderation and support in risk analysis, HAZOPs, LOPAs etc.

  • Technical assistance and support concerning development and elaboration of safety concepts for reduction of risk potentials,

  • Validation of single safety functions (safety instrumented function - SIF),

  • Safety technical validation of applications and system implementations:
    - review of documentation of PLT-protection systems (safety instrumented systems - SIS), their confirguration as well as
    safety functions.
    - Calculation of the probability of failure of the safety function ("SIL calculation"),

    - test of safety-related application software

  • Certification of safety functions, safety-related systems
  • Proven in use
  • Support in application and interpretation of international relevantstandards
  • Training "Safety Instrumented Systems" of the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Program
  • Certification of Functional Safety Management Systems


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