Functional Safety is becoming more and more important for the classification and implementation of safety devices in power generation plants like for example in conventional power plants, biogas plants, wind power plants etc.

The reason for this is partly because the European Standard EN 50156 (Electrical Equipment for Furnaces and Acilliary Equipment) applies the safety integrity level for furnaces. And also, because applications in the process technology and machinery, and thus applicable for power plants, require Functional Safety.

If you are a designer, developer or user of safety-related systems - our Functional Safety experts can support you when you need to consider and give proof or evidence of Functional Safety within this system.

Our Services

•    Moderation and support in risk analysis, HAZOPs, LOPAs etc.
•    Technical assistance and support concerning development and elaboration of safety concepts for reduction of risk potentials,
•    Validation of single safety functions (safety instrumented function - SIF),
•    Safety technical validation of protection systems:
  • review of documentation of PLT-protection systems (safety instrumented systems - SIS), their confirguration as well as safety functions.
  • Calculation of the probability of failure of the safety function ("SIL calculation"),
  • test of safety-related application software
•    Certification of safety functions, safety-related systems
•    Proven in use
•    Support in application and interpretation of international relevant standards
•    Trainings
•    Certification of Functional Safety Management Systems


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